True Resonance Hoops

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Improve your play with the groundbreaking tone of the GI Hoop taking your sound to the next level.

Drummer's Benefits:

  • True Resonance from your Snare Drum
  • Professional & Proven Results
  • Proprietary Rim Shot Flange
  • Stick Saver
  • Less Wrist Strain
  • Greater Punch, Attack, & Sensitivity
About: The Patent-Pending True Resonance General Issue 14" Snare Drum Hoop set utilizes Aircraft Grade Aluminum and Tolerances.
  • Proprietary Rim Shot Flange is conically angled to provide more contact area between the drumstick and the hoop, thus resulting in an enhanced rim shot & cross stick sound.
  • The high-quality material & design dampens unwanted overtones and resonances. Existing overtones greatly harmonize with the tone of the shell.
  • Drastically enhances the sound of the shell by providing more attack, punch, and articulation of the shell's tone.
  • Proprietary reinforcing gussets around each tension rod boss mitigate NVH so the drum stays in tune longer.
  • Unique individual serial numbers, so no 2 hoop sets are alike.
Size: 12", 13" 14" 8 Lug & 10 Lug
Material: 6061 T6 Aluminum
Weight: 1.2 lb
Finish: 3D CNC Machined, anodized finish with laser etched logo & individual serial number. Will never rust!